To download MCBouncer, go to the download page.


Abuse of MCBouncer may result in your server being disabled, and your inability to use the MCBouncer service in the future. If your server is disabled, none of your bans will be visible in the system, you will not be able to make any bans or notes, or do lookups. Bans issued by a disabled server will be archived in the database.


/ban <user> <reason> Ban <user> with the reason of <reason>
/unban <user> - Unban <user> Ban <ip> with the reason of <reason>
/banip <ip> <reason> Ban <ip> with the reason of <reason>
/unbanip <user> Unban <ip>
/addnote <user> <note> Add note <note> to <user>
/delnote <noteid> - Delete note <noteid> Delete note <noteid>
/lookup <user>Lookup notes and bans for <user>

Plugin Permissions

mcbouncer.command.banAllow a user to ban
mcbouncer.command.unbanAllow a user to unban
mcbouncer.command.banipAllow a user to ban an ip
mcbouncer.command.unbanipAllow a user to unban an ip
mcbouncer.command.lookupAllow a user to lookup bans/notes
mcbouncer.command.kickAllow a user to kick
mcbouncer.command.addnoteAllow a user to add a note
mcbouncer.command.removenoteAllow a user to remove a note
mcbouncer.command.reloadAllow a user to reload the mcbouncer config
mcbouncer.command.modContains all permissions except mcbouncer.command.reload
mcbouncer.command.adminContains all permissions