Banned As Banned By Reason Time Banned Server
Legsnappa AlcoJew Continued attempts to place banned items, ignoring mods. OB pilot 7 years ago
eamon568 AlcoJew Conitnued attempts to place banned items, ignoring mods. OB pilot 7 years ago
piconico AlcoJew Ignoring mods to place banned items, OB pilot 7 years ago
Jeepinator pilot3033 continued attempt at placing banned items 7 years ago
mistguy1998 trevorman Breaking glass to flood tunnel. Appeal at 7 years ago
supercrasher trevorman Filling house with random blocks 7 years ago
cost3r winterviolet griefing 7 years ago
hi_im_alex kamiiwinaru multiple warnings about banned items - ignoring a mod 7 years ago
sir_shawdow88 kamiiwinaru Obsidian road spam in front of a mod 7 years ago
AndersThe2010 Ooer breaking multiple blocks, appeal at forum 7 years ago
diesel18 kamiiwinaru Multiple use of banned items and warnings - appeal at 7 years ago
klopsot kamiiwinaru Multiple warnings of banned items - apply on 7 years ago
prometheus9875 kamiiwinaru Road grief 7 years ago
steven_H kamiiwinaru multiple uses of banned items after multiple warnings throughout the day 7 years ago
bulldogs therealduckie use of lava and other banned otems after 2 warnings 7 years ago
Darkrai101 kamiiwinaru Disrespecting mods 7 years ago
torring97 kamiiwinaru Using banned items after several warnings 7 years ago
mineshot_2 kamiiwinaru Griefing 7 years ago
einosten99 jakemates disrespecting mods 7 years ago
koakokung kamiiwinaru Griefing - appeal at 7 years ago